KOH TAO beaches 

Aow Leuk

Aow Leuk is for us the most beautiful beach to go snorkeling, ban on bringing bottles or a pic nic, you will find some small restaurants on site, and it is a real delight!

Chalok Ban Kao

Chalok Ban Kao is located south of Koh Tao Island.

More in a “hippies” style, the time will run more slowly over there.

The water in Chalok Bay is very hot and shallow, the area is lovely, little walks, tastings and carpet (tanning) are perfect for the program!

Koh Nanguyan

Koh Nanguyan Beach is located a few meters from Koh Tao Island.

Paradise postcard, Koh Nanguyan offers you its tranquility the time of an afternoon, its dive sites and snorkeling!

The beach not to be missed if you are a fan of “PMT” (palm mask snorkel)

Mae Haad Bay

This beach is an extension of the beach Sairee Beach, white sand and palm are found throughout this one.

No worries even though Mae Haad is a port area, you have enough room to dive into the sea without being hit by a boat;)

Continue south of this beach, you will find (at the resort sensi paradise), a small charming bay close to rocks of impressive size!

Sairee Beach

Sairee Beach .. it is the largest beach of Koh Tao, it stretches over 3 km of white sand.

This is where you will find the most people.

You will see all along this beach, bars, restaurants, cyber café, massage center, hairdressers, small shops … Perfect place to make the rug, have a drink and enjoy the sun!

Pleasant to walk on foot, a little further you will find a small paved path, can go almost along the long beach of Sairee. Be careful though to scooters who also use this path that is not only pedestrian ..

Shark Bay

Shark Bay and its beautiful and large white sand beach.

It is a beautiful and quiet place, it is easy to reach Shark Bay.

Shady corners offer us a few moments of respite facing a blazing sun.

It is advisable for snorkelers to go between 16h and 17h to admire the small sharks with black tips.

Tanote Bay

Renowned for its famous rock, Tanote Bay, is a very beautiful place of Koh Tao, despite its gravel beach, it is very good, there are small restaurants where to take fruit cocktails.

holidaymakers often decide to play Indiana Jones, they climb rope, climb to the highest rock and throw themselves into the sea ..