Start diving


The baptism of diving, a fun day, the opportunity to discover scuba diving!

First a small theoretical part in the center then the presentation and preparation of the equipment. Then, head for the dive boat, for some exercises with your instructor and a discovery in shallow water (6 meters maximum).


During this first dive you will get acquainted with your equipment and with the underwater environment. This will also allow you to know if you feel comfortable to continue and leave for the second optional dive up to 12 meters deep!

For this second dive, you will leave with your instructor to explore and practice what you have just learned.

The price is 2500 bath for the first dive and 1000 bath for the optional dive. To participate in Diving Baptism you must be at least 10 years old.

You can choose without pressure, on the boat once the first dive is complete, whether or not you want to continue with the optional dive 🙂

2500 THB (6M)

1000 THB (12M)

Please contact us if you wish to register for this program INFO@PIMPMYDIVE.NET

Note: Ideally, we recommend that all persons wishing to register for a dive have previously done at least once the “Palme-Mask-Tuba” / “Snorkeling” to facilitate the first dive and contact with the environment !)