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The PADI Dive Master Training is the first professional level in a diver’s career.

We regularly organize internships to become DIVEMASTER PADI at Pimp My Dive where you will follow a very precise and complete program to teach you the work of Divemaster PADI.

We teach you all basic dive techniques up to group management

Prerequisites: To be 18 years old

Have recorded 40 dives

To be rescue divers

EFR or active equivalent (in the year)

Own a diving insurance PRO (DAN is highly recommended)

be motivated and enthusiastic!

It is HIGHLY recommended (but not required) to own your own full dive gear so you can learn to handle your own gear and be ready to work with it once certified, however we ask you when you start the DMT portion of Own your dive computer, your mask, compass and SMB, we are available on site to offer you the cheapest packages and the best advice for your purchases.

The advantage of being able to live from your passion.

We teach you all basic dive techniques, up to group management.

We train our PADI Divemasters to be ready and experienced to work all over the world as a PADI Divemaster.

– diving :

You will have to attend classes from the open water to rescue.

You will have a key role as an intermediary between the students and the instructor and you will be asked to solve problems under water and to help with the preparation of the dive.

The PADI Divemaster is a very important part of your training.

You will learn to demonstrate all the basic exercises of diving, as a professional PADI would do. Divemasters use these techniques when conducting rehab dives. (scuba review / upgrade.)

You will need to map a Koh Tao site.

Finally, towards the end of your training, your mentor will ask you to guide dive teams to the Koh Tao sites as this is the main role of the Divemaster

Outing at sea and in the pool, to teach you the PADI diving techniques

 The science of diving:

You will have several theoretical courses on the science of diving: physics, physiology, decompression theory, diving equipment, environment, standards and the role of the instructor.

Structure of academic presentations from open water to stress and rescue.

– Comfort in the water / tests:

You will have to pass swimming tests and re-demonstrate stress and rescue and take a practical test

DMT is a very important training in your PADI diver carrier.

We train you so that you are ready and experienced to work anywhere in the world as a Divemaster.

Throughout this internship, you will have to pass several theoretical and practical exams to follow your evolution.

You will be solicited to solve problems under water and out of the water and learn the job of dive divemaster. You will teach the science of diving, in class or at sea, to pass on the PADI pedagogy to be ready for your final PADI Divemaster exams

– The job of the PADI Dive Master:

During your training, we want you to understand the profession of diving professionals. During the training, you will learn the organization of the dives at the club and on the boat (boatmaster workshop – which stay on the surface in turn during the dives.)

Objectives: We train Divemasters to be directly ready on the job market with a great opportunity to work at home if there is enough personal investment on the side of the candidate. The job of diver is a service trade where the relationship and the teaching side play an important role.

(To be certified PADI Dive Master, you will have to count 60 dives, have a professional attitude and pass the theoretical practical exam with a score of 90% minimum)