Plongée Koh TaoRegarded as one of the most beautiful dive sites in Koh Tao, Chumphon pinnacle is located on the high seas and is often the meeting point for whale sharks or bull sharks.

With a bottom of 40 meters and a rock formation from 12 meters, all levels are found there ..

Chumphon Pinnacle offers us its rock formations with its carpet of anemones ..

Make your exploration dives on this site .. it’s a gift for the eyes!




Plongée Koh Tao

Green Rock and its famous Triger Pit!

We know that the reputation of these fish is to be terterial, it does not prevent the beauty of these living beings.

Green Rock dive site for those who like to go back and forth in caves. You can admire and enter a huge school of fish. (30 M max)

We will advise this site to advanced divers.





Divers certified “wreck diving” or “Advanced Adventurer” will have some things to eat!

Casting 30 meters deep in June 2011, it first rested on the side before being straightened at the request of divers so that even the intermediate levels can see something.

The HTMS SATTAKUT 742 wreck is located between Hin pee Wee and White Rock.

Highly anticipated on Koh Tao this spot is the joy of all our divers, delighted to be able to admire a wreck of the second world war.

Around and on the bridge, it is said that the underwater flora and fauna did not waste time to colonize this new shelter.

It already shows signs of life like riflemen’s benches, some juvenile barracudas and big groupers are also visible near the gates.

For Wreck / Wreck Divers, there is ample opportunity to enter this site, with multiple entries and exits. The lines are already in place to guide you through the living quarters.

It’s really a great addition to our dive site network in the Gulf of Thailand.


Plongée Koh TaoWith a bottom of more than 30 meters and a rock formation coming out of the surface of the ocean.

Renowned for its fireplace with two exits, 12 meters and 5 meters, we embarked for unforgettable dives.

If you go for a ride you will find giant wallweeds, schools of fish shot or batfish or bull sharks and whale sharks from time to time on this site.





Plongée Koh Tao

Twin rocks is a site that takes its name from its two almost identical rock formations.

Positioned opposite each other, roughly the same size, they took the name of “binoculars” / “Twins”.

With a background of up to 18 meters, this site is more accessible for beginner divers.

Stripes with blue dots, shrimps, anemone fish, batfish, pufferfish, trevally …




Plongée Koh TaoWhite Rock is one of the largest dive site in Koh Tao.

the maximum depth is 22 meters.

From the surface we can see this famous

“white rock”, the “White Rock”.

It is an ideal site for training dives.

There is sand for exercise and also a very nice relief with a water life very developed for fun.

Sea snake, nudibranch, ray, turtle, barracuda …