To think outside the box we also propose:

Double Sail Rock:

Several times a week, we propose an outing with two dives on the beautiful site of Sail Rock. Departure 6:00, coffee and tea on the boat, meals, return to 13H

Price 2800 baths

Double Chumphon sunset and night dive

Several times a week, we offer an outing with two dives on the Chumphon Pinnacle, the first at sunset and the second after dark.

Departure 16H00

Price 2200 baths

The famous 4S: Departure 10H00 on a spacious boat, and go to chaining 4 of the 5 most beautiful dives of the Gulf of Thailand:




– SHARK ISLAND (night dive)

Only on Thursday, 4500 baht per person, lunch and dinner included (minimum 3 people)

Morning dives:

reserved for fans, these dives have the distinction of being very early in the morning (really early) departure around 6:00 but you can enjoy the sunrise in the warm waters of Koh Tao.

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Enjoy the “classic” sites in a privileged context, we organize your dives, choose the sites.01 thailand krabi boat builder